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Mary Morton Meglone Hutchison 5 Oct 1839-1918

Mary Morton Meglone was the daughter of Montgomery Meglone and Maria Sharpe Meglone Walden, and the sister to Whitney William Meglone. Mary married John Hutchison, who was born in Ireland. John Hutchison was a grocer in Lexington, and he died bef. 27 Nov 1888 (the date of his burial at Lexington Cemetery- disposition number 9727, Section P, Lot 131, part NE 1/2). Mary and John's children were John J. (2 July 1870-6 Dec 1944), Mary, and Mattie.

The Lexington City Directory for 1898-99 lists Mary Hutchison living at 159 Maxwell (Lewis T. Meglone living nearby at 134 Maxwell).

Mary's obituary appeared in the Lexington Herald on 16 Dec 1918:

"Mrs. Meglone Hutchison.
Funeral services for Mrs. Meglone Hutchison will be will be held at the grave in the Lexington cemetery this afternoon at 3 o'clock, the Rev. C.F. Oney officiating.
The honorary pallbearers will be J.L. Watson, A.B. Lancaster, W.H. May and John Morgan. Active Pallbearers, W.L. Petty, W. Frank Hearne, Theodore Jones, Melvin Harris, W.J. Goodwin, J.L. Welker, W.T. Threlkeld and Alfred Combs."

Questions- is this pallbearer W.T. Threlkeld any relation to the Prof. Threlkeld who ran a school in Nicholasville, attended by Coleman Meglone?

Mary Meglone Hutchison's burial plot at the Lexington Cemetery is in Section P, Lot 131, Part NE 1/2. Burial date December 16, 1918, age at death 79, disposition number 21152, funeral director: Milward.

Death records for Mary Meglone Hutchison's children are as follows: Maria H. Terrell (wife of N. Chapman Terrell) died 1936 in Lexington, KY, daughter of John Hutchison and and Mary Meglone; John J. Hutchison (husband of Jean Warren) died 1944, son of John Hutchison and Mary Meglone.

John Hutchison and one of his sisters accompanied Frank George ("Georgia") McCoy Meglone to Florida as is reported in one Florida newspaper.

According to a story in the Milton Genealogy by Hugh Meglone Milton II, Martha McIntyre Milton (daughter of Martha Meglone) lost out on her inheritance from her grandmother Meglone due to the intervention of a cousin who married a Hutchison. It is my belief this cousin was Mary Morton Meglone Hutchison, daughter of Montgomery Meglone, who I believe to be the brother of my Martha Meglone McIntyre. I hope to find some evidence of a will or any evidence of estate appraisals, etc., to try to prove this claim and be able to connect these families.

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