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Theophilus Meglone abt 1812- abt 1840

Theophilus Meglone of Nicholasville, Jessamine County, KY, was possibly born about 1812 (not confirmed) and died apparently without a will in Nicholasville. His estate inventory and other deeds, etc., are on record.

The only census record for Theophilus Meglone I have found is the 1840 census of Jessamine County, KY. In Nicholasville, Theophilus is listed with two males under age 10, a female age 5-10, a female (wife) age 20-30, and Theophilus age 30-40. If the record is accurate, Theophilus could have been born prior to 1810. There is also a female age 70-80 in the home. There is a possibility this could be his mother, who I believe to be Mary Meglone of Lexington, but I believe it is more likely to be his mother-in-law. He is listed with one female slave under 10 years old, and was employed in Commerce.

Not much is known about Theophilus Meglone, but I believe he was a son of Hugh and Mary Meglone of Lexington. By looking at Theophilus Meglone's estate inventory it appears that he owned a general or dry goods store in Nicholasville. Further research into other Meglones that appear in Nicholasville records may help tie this family together. (The Irish John and Mary Meglone family does not appear to be related to the Theophilus line).

Some items I have uncovered are as follows:

Last name listed as "McGlone" on General Index to Deeds, Jessamine County, p. 63 (microfilm roll #183341)
Theophilus to Thomas Brawner 1838 (personal property), book M, p. 364

Other Meglones also listed (1872-1947): James, Jas M., Charles, Charlie, John, Mattie
Addresses in Nicholasville associated with these deed transactions:
Clays Road
Clays Mill Road
South Main St. Nicholasville
Mulberry St. Nicholasville
Baldwin St. Nicholasville
Richmond Avenue Nicholasville
Broadway St. Nicholasville
Academy (5th St) Nicholasville

These entries, aside from the Theophilus deed, appear to all be for the Irish Meglone family (John and Mary Meglone).

Paper copy of microfilm image of deed involving Theophilus McGlone on 11th April 1838 (as mentioned in deed book above), Deed Book M, p. 364 [microfilm roll #183348, L-M 1834-1839]

Paper copy of microfilm image of estate inventory/appraisal of Theophilus Meglone, Jessamine County Will Book F, p. 382, 28 January 1841, entered into court 21 June 1841 (June Court) [microfilm roll #7007710]. This appraisal and inventory appears to include the contents of a general store that Theophilus may have owned.

Will Book F, p. 578, 24 January 1843, Commissioners of estate report to court about vouchers from heirs (?).

Google Map of Nicholasville, Jessamine Co., KY

Special thanks to Chick Cornell for additional info and research help on the Theophilus Meglone Line. Theophilus Meglone married Sarah Potter on Aug. 26, 1833, and Edward appears to be their son. Sarah later married Samuel Grimes after the death of Theophilus on April 6, 1844 (record listed here). The 1850 census shows Samuel Grimes with Sarah (her name is omitted) and with Edward Meglone in their home. By 1860, Edward had moved to Louisville, and Sarah and Samuel and a daughter had moved to Lexington, and apparently Sarah's brother Edward Potter was living with them. So now it has been "confirmed" (for research purposes anyway!) that Edward Meglone is a son of Theophilus Meglone and Sarah Potter Meglone Grimes, and a stepson of Samuel Grimes. More research on the Grimes line may provide leads to more Meglone connections.

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