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Louis Meglone of Lexington, 31 Dec 1833-25 Jan 1860

The 1850 census lists a Lewis Meglone (age 18) living in a Scrogin(?) home and working as a merchant. The wife- Mary Scrogin, could possibly have been the missing Meglone sister, the daughter of Theophilus.

Louis Meglone may have lived in Lexington just prior to the Civil War. He married Lucretia Isabelle Taylor, also of Lexington, on 20 July 1854 and died from unknown causes on 25 Jan 1860 in Kansas City. There is some speculation that he may have been a railroad worker due to his death in Kansas City, and that his children were apparently born in Louisville.

His known children were Annie, Lewis T. and Samuel Maurice. Annie died young, and a funeral notice for Annie Meglone exists in the collection at the University of KY, which places Louis’ widow and family in Lexington on December 5, 1862. The funeral for young Annie took place at her Taylor grandparents’ home on Broadway, where Lucretia and the children had been living (they were there in the 1860 census).

Not much is known about this Louis Meglone other than he may have been the brother to another Samuel Meglone, and possibly to an Edward Meglone. He may have also had a sister. There is speculation that this line of the family might possibly descend from Theophilus of Nicholasville, but this has yet to be proven. Is this Louis Meglone the same one who was in Jessamine County in 1850, the same time as Edward Meglone? If so, this could be a closer connection to Theophilus. Many times Louis is written as Lewis, so it is not known if there ever was a consistent spelling throughout his life. I will refer to him here as Louis, to distinguish him as the eldest, and his descendants with the other spelling.

If Louis was a son of Theophilus, he is a likely candidate to be a first cousin to my Martha McIntyre Milton (daughter of Martha Meglone).

More research needs to be done to locate other information about this Louis.

Louis’ widow Lucretia Isabelle Taylor Meglone remarried to a David Byron Bosworth and had two more children, Thomas (b. 1872) and Anna Schoonmaker Bosworth [b. 1873, m. 18 Feb. 1892 to James Arnold Willis. Anna Bosworth Willis had three children, Anna Louise, Elizabeth Carpenter, and Maurice Meglone Willis (the name Maurice is also a likely family name, as it was the middle name of Samuel M. Meglone, the clothier of Lexington who is the son of this Lewis)]. Lucretia Isabelle Taylor Meglone Bosworth apparently later divorced or separated from David Byron Bosworth. The 1880 census places both the younger Louis and Samuel in the home of their mother Lucretia Bosworth with their half siblings Thomas and Anna.

This elder Louis is listed as "Lewis P." Meglone in Lexington Cemetery records. He was buried 3 Feb 1860, Disposition number 1651, Section B, Lot 21, Part E 1/2.

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