Thursday, December 31, 2009

Edward W. Meglone abt 1836-?

There is a bit of speculation about this Edward Meglone and what line of Meglones he may be attached to. He may have been born in Jessamine County, and is a likely son to Theophilus Meglone who would have been living in Nicholasville at the time of Edward's birth. Another researcher has given information that the mother of this Edward could be a woman named Sarah Potter (b. 1815 in VA), but this also has not been proven.

An Edward appears in the 1850 census of Jessamine County in the home of the Samuel Ginnis [**CORRECTION: he is in the home of Samuel Grimes, his stepfather] family (Lewis also appears in the same district in another home, listed as a merchant), and by 1860 he was in Louisville, which could also help attach him to Lewis Meglone, whose sons were known to have been born in Louisville. If this is the case, then Lewis and Edward are could candidates to be brothers and the possible sons of Theophilus. The 1859 City Directory for Louisville lists Edward W. Meglone as a clerk living in the National Hotel.

In the Louisville State Guard there is an "E.H." Meglone is listed as being an Assistant Surgeon on 8 Jan 1861. I believe this to be Edward W. Meglone, because the W could easily be mistaken for an H on transcriptions.

I believe this Edward Meglone to be the same Edward Meglone who traveled through Panama (appearing in a ship's passenger record) and who later appears in newspaper reports in California. The California Edward Meglone was mentioned as being a physician, and was also apparently involved in horticultural pursuits. It is not yet known if Edward Meglone ever married or had any children.

Special thanks go out to Chick Cornell for research assistance and leads that helped attach Sarah Potter/Grimes to Edward and Theophilus Meglone. Theophilus married Sarah Potter (of VA) on Aug. 26, 1833, and according to census records, they had more than one child, and Edward was one of them. After the death of Theophilus, Sarah married Samuel Grimes (marriage record of April 6, 1844 listed here). Edward is in their home in the 1850 census, and has moved to Louisville by 1860. Sarah and Samuel Grimes had a daughter and are living in Lexington in 1860. Sarah also had a brother named Edward Potter. Research into the Grimes family may provide more family connections especially if a will exists for Sarah or her husband Samuel Grimes.

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