Thursday, December 31, 2009

John and Mary Meglone family of Paris KY (Irish)

The 1860 census of Paris, Bourbon County KY, lists the following family:

John Meglone, age 31, employed in Public Works and born in Ireland
Mary, age 28, born in Ireland
Rosa Ann, age 11, born KY
Tho, age 8, born KY
Chas., age 6, born KY
Robt., age 4, born KY
Catherine, age 1, born KY

Due to similarities in given names in these Meglones, it is possible for some mix-ups to happen with this family. There is also the liklihood that this family left the area and moved to another location (Nicholasville). This census record places them in KY by at least 1848/49, and they were probably the first Meglones to live in Paris, Bourbon County. The Lewis Meglone family likely was not in Paris until about 1903.

There is no known connection between our Lexington Meglones and this Irish family of Meglones. There is also no known connection between this line of Meglones and the Theophilus Meglone family who appear about 1840 in Nicholasville, Jessamine County.

More research needs to be done on this family to find out what happened to them. I believe Jack Meglone (or John) to be another son of this family (see post on Jack Meglone, who died as a result of an accident with a trolley car in Paris, KY).

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