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Coleman Wright Meglone 6 Feb 1896-22 Dec 1932

Coleman was the son of Samuel M. Meglone and Frank George McCoy. His birth made the news all over the country including this report in the Illinois Inter Ocean on 20 Feb 1896:
"A boy weighing 7 pounds, and having a heavy head of hair and two rows of teeth, was born to the wife of Samuel Meglone, a merchant of Lexington, Ky. a few days ago."

Lexington Herald, 21 Dec 1906:
Coleman Meglone Walks Up Like a Little Man and Tells Vogt & Foley of Breaking Window
An act of childish heroism was performed yesterday morning when Coleman Meglone a lad of ten years stepped into the grocery store owned by Vogt & Foley and said to one of the clerks "What are the damages to the broken window in front" I broke it yesterday and I want to pay for it.
The lad was told to go to Cunningham's and have the broken pane replaced with a new one. The manly little fellow walked up to the place mentioned and ordered the window to be repaired at his own expense."

In the Lexington Herald, 2 Feb 1910:
"Mr. Coleman Meglone Ill
Mrs. S.M. Meglone of 191 North Mill street, was called to Nicholasville Tuesday night on account of the illness of her son, Mr. Coleman Meglone, who is attending Prof. Threlkeld's High School in that city. Mr. Meglone contracted a heavy cold which developed into pneumonia." (Google Map image of North Mill St.)

More research is needed into this Prof. Threlkeld and his school, and why Coleman would be attending school there rather than in Lexington. Does this school in Nicholasville provide another family connection to that town? A Threlkeld was a pallbearer at the funeral of Mary Meglone Hutchison of Lexington (see her post).

Coleman appears to have played baseball for the Dudley School (?) in May of 1911, as reported by the Lexington Herald, 7 May 1911:
In a double header played yesterday afternoon at Woodland Park, Harrison walked away with Maxwell with the score of 14 to 1. and Dudley defeated Johnson 13 to 9. The first game was a decisive one, as it advanced Harrison to a tie for first place in the Ward School race, and put Maxwell from first to third.
In the third inning of this game Harrison got next to Downing's pitching for the first time this year, and scored ten runs in that round. A distinct feature of the game was the pitching of Colson for Harrison, who pitched the best game of the year. His catcher, Workman, also played a star game. Garland feature with two two-baggers.
The second game was exciting, but ragged. Both teams tried out new batteries, and both did well. For Dudley, Meglone and Jackson worked and for Johnson were Sams, McCoy and Abnee. The feature of the game was Railey's catch of a liner in center field. Hawkins and Allender were the officials.
The All Ward School team will be picked next week by Mr. Jesse Van Meter."
[It might be worth looking into this player by the name of McCoy to see if he is any relation to Coleman's mother Frank George McCoy]

Coleman may have played baseball for the First Baptist Church in the Second Sunday School League of Lexington (see newspaper reports of local games in the summer of 1911).

Coleman Meglone was ill again in 1912, as reported by the Lexington Herald, 21 Feb 1912:
"Mr. Coleman Meglone of North Broadway, who has been ill of typhoid fever at the Good Samaritan Hospital for the past several days, was said to be resting well and his condition believed to be improving last night."

In May of 1912, another baseball game is played (the Ward School League) and reported in the Herald:
"The game between Dudley and St. Paul's was won by Dudley 4 to 2. Burns, for St. Paul pulled off a neat catch near the bank, and R. Driscoll was the batting star. Tate caught a good game for Dudley and rapped out a two-bagger. Meglone was a bit wild, but with good support, won out. Lavel batted best, getting two hits hits out of three times up.
Batteries-- Dudley, Meglone and Tate; St. Paul, Amato and Minehan. Umpires-- Miller and Gibbons. Scorekeeper-- Ashbrooks."
[It should be noted here that this can't yet be proven that this account is of Coleman, there is a possibility of this Meglone being a part of an Irish Meglone family that is not related to our line]

Coleman was appointed as a page for the Blue Grass Fair as reported by the Lexington herald 9 August 1912.

Coleman Wright Meglone died at the age of 36 and was buried at the Lexington Cemetery 23 Dec 1932, Disposition number 27362, Section A, Lot 47, Part S 1/2, funeral director W.R. Milward.

Coleman may have never been married or had any children.

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