Thursday, December 31, 2009

Martha Meglone McIntyre 1808-1833

Martha Meglone McIntyre may have been the daughter of Hugh and Mary Meglone of Lexington. She was born about 1808-1810, likely in Lexington, and died in 1833 shortly after the birth of her daughter Martha, either in Ohio or possibly Cynthiana, KY.

I believe she was living with her mother in 1830 at the time of the census, and with her mother and other siblings in the 1820 census. Martha Meglone married Benjamin (Jno) McIntyre and her marriage record lists a "Mary McGlone" as giving bond.

Nothing is known about Benjamin/John McIntyre or how much involvement he had in his daughter's life. Martha McIntyre, his daughter, was raised by her Grandmother Meglone, and named one of her sons Hugh Meglone Milton (who became a tailor in Lexington, and would have been a contemporary to Sam and Lewis Meglone). The name Hugh Meglone Milton has been passed down to several generations.

Martha McIntyre Milton, daughter of Martha Meglone and Benjamin McIntyre, possible grandaughter to Hugh and Mary Meglone, with her grandson James Albert Milton.

Hugh Meglone Milton, son of Martha McIntyre Milton, grandson of Martha Meglone, possible great-grandson of Hugh and Mary Meglone

Grandson of Martha McIntyre and Napoleon Bonaparte Milton, buried at Lexington Cemetery

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