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Robert C. Meglone 1904-1953

Robert Meglone was the son of Susie Cromwell Meglone and Lewis Meglone of Paris, Bourbon County. He may have been born just prior to or shortly after the death of his father Lewis in 1904. Robert might be the Meglone boy pictured in the Paris High School football team photo which appears in the book "Paris and Bourbon County."

The Lexington Herald, 28 July 1921:
"The Bourbon county boys returned from their two weeks' stay at Camp Daniel Boone this morning. Robert Meglone and Leslie O'Neill won honor for the Bourbon county group capturing the gold triangle, the highest award made at the camp. O'Neill and Meglone were the only boys to win the award during the third period."

The Lexington Herald, 5 March 1922:
"Among those from Paris who attended the State Basketball Tournament at Lexington were: Misses Mamie Lee Baldwin, Rubie Hall, Catherine Wallingford, Rose Trinna Duncan, Louise Collier, Eleanor Payne, Emily Fithian, Vivian Wallingford, and Nell Robins, coach: also Messrs. Clark, Wright, Meglone, Larkin, Rose, Tucker, Dalzel, McCarty, W.M. Sheffield and Prof. F. A. Scott."

Robert also appeared in at least one stage production:
'And Billy Disappeared' to Be Presented Tonight With New Cast
[Special to The Herald]
PARIS, Ky, May 11-- "And Billy Disappeared" a mystery play, was presented at the Paris High school auditorium last night before a large and appreciative audience. The plot centered around a mysterious young girl and an aviator, who have just returned from service in France. These parts were played by Elizabeth Rule and Rene Clark.
Miss Match, Elizabeth Lilleston, an old maid turned out to be a crook, Mrs. Gray, Marie Colliver, comes to the mountains in hope of finding her long lost husband. Among the guests of the inn are Mr. Bordin, Bob Meglone, district attorney and his two sisters, Nancy Borden, a popular debutante and Aggie (Annie Ewalt) a spoiled child. Gene Greener, Billy Wornell, a traveling salesman with a girl in every town.
One of the most interesting characters is Kitty, Mary T. Burns, the old black mammy, Bob Dusenberry, Reid Bishop, is a native of the mountain village. Milton Adair plays the part of a hermit, who turns out to be a detective.
Friday May 12, an entirely different cast will present this same play. There is great competition between the two casts. The best will be chosen from each to present the play in neighboring towns."

This is likely the same Robert Meglone who served as a Captain in the Army. He entered service 16 July 1942 and was discharged 16 July 1946. "Assigned to Recruiting Service in Cleveland, Ohio, Camp Atterbury, Ind., and Cincinnati, Ohio. Awarded Victory Ribbon and American Theater Ribbon."

More research needs to be done to locate any existing military records.

Robert Meglone was buried at Lexington Cemetery on 7 Feb 1953, Disposition number 35289, Section A, Lot 19, funeral director Hinton-Turner.

It is not known if Robert was ever married or had any children.

Lexington Cemetery, Section A

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