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James Creed Meglone 28 March 1891-20 April 1937

Oldest son of Samuel M. Meglone and Frank George McCoy.

In the Bourbon News (Paris, KY), 24 Dec 1901:
"Master Creed Meglone, who has been attending Miss [Maria?] Tipton's school, in this city, left for his home in Lexington, Saturday, to spend Christmas with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Meglone."

In The Central Record (Lancaster, KY), 8 July 1904:
Master Crud Meglone has returned to his home in Lexington after a visit to Mrs. James Leavell and daughters."
**Who is this Mrs. James Leavell?

Appointed to West Point in 1909, but may never have attended the school.

From the Lexington Herald, 17 Feb 1909:
"Mr. Meglone is the son of Mrs. S. M. Meglone, 514 West Third street, who was formerly a clothing merchant of this city. He is sixteen years of age. He received his education at Millersburg Military Institute and the Lexington High School. He was quite an able pupil at these two schools, having won a declamatory contest in this city in 1904 among representatives of all the city schools. He is now connected with the furnishing goods establishment of Mr. J.D. Purcells's store."

Was it typical practice at this time to appoint a 16 year old to West Point? Had James Creed Meglone already completed high school at the time of his appointment, or was he still attending school? Did he pass the required examinations and actually attend West Point?

In the Lexington Herald, 12 July 1909:
Interesting Game On the Asylum Diamond Sunday Morning
The salesmen of Purcells' Racket store again demonstrated their ability as ball players Sunday morning by defeating on the asylum diamond the team composed of the salesmen of Kaufman Straus' dry goods store by the store of 12 to 4. The features of the game were the superb catching of Glaze and the excellent slab work of Irvin, who struck out sixteen men.
Following is the line-up of the two teams:
Purcell's-- Meglone 1b, Leming 3b, Stout 2b, Glaze c, Dawson lf, Bacon ss, Milton cf, Bendure rf, Irvin p.
Kaufman's-- Milwell 1b, Sladd lf, Brock p. Morton ss, T. Gree 3b, Beckers 2b, Johnson rf, Smith cf, Honaker c."
[Any chance the Milton who played center field for Purcell's was related to the Hugh Meglone Milton family?]

In the 1910 census of Lexington, James Creed Meglone was 18 years old and living with his mother, brother, and sister at their home and boardinghouse on West Third street. James Creed was a salesman at a "dry goods store" which was most likely the J.D. Purcell Company.

James Creed Meglone served as an umpire during at least one local baseball game in October of 1910.

The Lexington Herald, 10 Nov 1911:
Creed Meglone Trundles the Merchant Through Streets to Pay Election Bet
Hundreds of interested spectators watched Creed McGlone pay his election bet to "Daddy" Boggs. A wheelbarrow ride was the stake. Boggs picked Cassidy as a winner in the Mayor's race, while McGlone thought Duncan was the sure thing.
The two men met in front of the Phoenix Hotel, McGlone trundling a wheelbarrow, "Daddy," adorned by a big cigar, at Billy Klaire's favorite angle of 45 degrees, took his seat in the barrow. On his back he bore the legend, "I bet on Cassidy." Incidentally he was advertising the J.D. Purcell Company, of whose men's department he is the popular head.
McGlone, bearing on his back, "I bet on Duncan," took hold of the handles and the journey began. The procession moved down Main street, around the courthouse and back to the hotel. It was accompanied on the long journey by admiring scores and greeted on all sides by loud applause, especially by loyal Democrats. "Daddy" became so puffed up that he nearly fell out of the vehicle. McGlone says that in his future betting he proposes to leave "dead ones" alone.
It is rumored that the grand jury may consider the case."

By 1913, James Creed Meglone was still in Lexington. The Lexington Herald, 25 March 1913:
J.C. Meglone, for the past five years an employe [sic] of the J.D. Purcell Company, has resigned his position with that firm to accept a position with the firm of Greebel & Hirsch. He will have charge of the gents' furnishings and hat department and his many friends in this city wish him a great success in his new position."

On 16 Dec 1916, James Creed Meglone married Eva Aldean Long. They had two children, Frances Jane (14 Feb 1918-14 April 1986, married 15 Sep- to Martin William Terzin) and James Creed II (21 Jan 1920- 26 March 1992).

James Creed Meglone, Jr., may have descendants in the Los Angeles area. He was buried in Inglewood, CA, Plot 26 3052, buried 31 March 1992.

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