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Frank George McCoy Meglone (Mrs. Samuel M. Meglone) 1866?-1943

Frank George McCoy was the wife of Samuel M. Meglone, the clothier of Lexington. Her children were James Creed Meglone, Mary Lucretia Meglone, and Coleman Meglone. There may have been another child, S.M., who died in infancy and is buried at the Lexington Cemetery.

1900 census of Lexington lists this family as "McGlone." S.M., F. George, J.C., Coleman, and Lucretia, living on Blackburn Ave. F. George is listed as having had 4 children and 3 are surviving. According to this census, F. George "Georgia" would have been born about 1866.

The Lexington Herald, on 7 May 1906, reported that Mrs. S.M. Meglone paid $33.82 in taxes for 1905 (paid in April of 1906).

In 1910, according to the Census of Lexington, "Georgia" Meglone was running a boarding house on West Third Street and her children were still living at home. There were eight boarders in the household, so the home must have been fairly large (this may have been at 517 West Third). In 1908, a Mr. and Mrs. Ben T. Head were living in the home, and later moved to Birmingham, AL.

After the death of her husband, Samuel Meglone, "Georgia" Meglone may have been left with some debts to creditors, but this has not been proven. There is one court case involving Frank George McCoy Meglone which needs further investigation- apparently she and her son Creed Meglone were called as witnesses in a gambling case.

The Lexington Herald, 18 October 1910:
One Posts Books While the Other Is a Bartender At Strader's Place

The grand jury was in session throughout the entire day yesterday, but no indictments were returned.
Among the persons who appeared before the grand jury in response to a summons were Mrs. Georgia Meglone and her son, Creed Meglone, and George B. Strader.
Judge Parker yesterday excused R.T. Wallace and J.W. Lancaster from further service on the grand jury. Sheriff Daniel W. Scott was ordered to summon two other persons to fill the vacancies.
Mr. Lancaster said that he posted books for George B. Strader and Mr. Wallace said his son, Billy, was a bartender at Strader's saloon. The grand jury will spend some time in investigating the gambling question. A number of persons will be summoned to appear before the grand jury to tell what they know about the matter."

In the Lexington Herald, 11 March 1921:
"Parties for Mrs. Meglone
Mrs. Georgie Meglone has arrived from Chicago for a few days visit to her daughter, Mrs. O.H. Kemp [Henry Overton Kemp], at her home on Maxwell street. While in Chicago Mrs. Meglone attended a dinner given by Mr. and Mrs. R.C. Butner, of Glenwood avenue, formerly of Lexington, in honor of Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Long, of Georgetown.
On Tuesday evening Mr. and Mrs. Long entertained at the Edge Water Beach Hotel the following guests: Mr. and Mrs. R.C. Butner, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Libke, Mr. George Mather, Mrs. Georgie Meglone and Mr. and Mrs. G.C. Callerman."

Frank George "Georgia" McCoy Meglone is buried at Lexington Cemetery, disposition number 31450, Section A, Lot 47, Part S 1/2. She was apparently living in Springfield, IL at the time of her death. At the Lexington Cemetery website, "Georgia's" age at death is listed as 71 years old, which I believe to be incorrect. This would place her birth at about 1872 and her age at marriage about 11. Census records reflect this error in the recording of her age at Lexington Cemetery.

Lexington Cemetery, Section A

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